U.P. Football All-Star Game

History of the Game


Score: South-13, North-7

Director: Edward Stevens

North Coaches:
Ward Cuff (Catholic Central HS, Green Bay, WI)
Bill Dessart (Kewaunee HS, WI)
North Players:
Harry Clark (Newberry-T)
Jerome Cvengros (Ironwood-G)
Richard Daniels (Ontonagon-G)
Oscar Franquist (Ironwood-Back)
Marlin Fulcher (Munising)
Art Gamelin (Munising)
Cliff Guilbault (Ontonagon-Back)
Melvin Holli (Ishpeming-T)
John Jestila (L'Anse)
Carl Lemin (Ishpeming-Back)
John Leppi (Ironwood-Back)
Richard Masters (Munising)
Jerry Mayo (L'Anse)
Don McIntyre (Newberry-Back)
Robert McKie (Bessemer-E)
Gil Mroz (Sault Ste. Marie-Back)
Carl "Buck" Nystrom (Marquette-Back)
Neil Nystrom (Marquette-T)
Bob Redman (Marquette-Back)
Dale Scott (Sault Ste. Marie-T)
Dick Sieraski (Ironwood-G)
Jack Taylor (Newberry-G)
Leslie Tollefson (L'Anse)
Joe Villemure (Newberry-Back)
Frank Young (Marquette-End)

South Coaches:
Mickey McCormick (Carrol College, WI)
Harold Schumerth (Oshkosh HS, WI)
South Players:
John Arnost (Menominee-Back)
Lloyd Bewsher (Iron River-E)
Dwaine Brooks (Crystal Falls-Back)
Robert Cole (Gladstone-T)
Pierre Delago (Stambaugh-Back)
Carl Erickson (Iron River-G)
Dave Hallgren (Norway-Back)
Dick Hofer (Menominee-Back)
Ron LaChappele (Crystal Falls-Back)
Don Larsen (Iron Mountain-E)
Lee Lindstrom (Stambaugh-E)
Robert Lindstrom (Iron River-C)
Mickey McMahon (Iron River-Back)
Walt Moraska (Norway-T)
Louis Myefski (Iron River-T)
Dick Parent (Menominee-G)
Pat Pennoni (Stambaugh-Back)
Roger Peterson (Iron Mountain-C)
Bob Pivatto (Crystal Falls-E)
David Serbinski (Stambaugh-T)
Ronald Sherwood (Stambaugh-E)
Tim Stacey (Crystal Falls-G)
William Sundling (Gladstone-G)
Ted Taonatti (Iron Mountain-Back)
John Taetch (Iron River-G)
Mose Uecke (Menominee-T)

1951 Newspaper Articles:

Nationally Famous Baton Twirler To Perform During Halftime At All-Star Game (7-17-51)

Tickets For Peninsula All-Star Football Game Selling At Record Clip (7-18-51)

Norths Assistant Mentor In All-Star Classic Holds Fine Record In Coaching (7-24-51)

All-Star Grid Players Named Tomorrow (7-25-51)

Players On All-Star Grid Team Announced Teams Report Next Week For Training (7-26-51)

All-Star Football Squads Arrive For Game Aug. 11 (8-3-51)

Sell Out Crowd Assured For U.P. All-Star Football Game Drill Sessions Nearing End (8-9-51)

South Comes From Behind To Win 13-7 (8-13-51)

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U.P. Football All-Star Game

Yooper Bowl

U.P. Football All-Star Game Trophy

U.P. Football All-Star Game Ring