U.P. Football All-Star Game

History of the Game


Score: South-6, North-0

Director: Edward Stevens

1950 All-Star Game South Team Picture/Roster

North Coaches:
Eddie Olds (Milligan College, TN)
Paul Glod (Marietta College, OH)
North Players:
Jim Arasim (Ironwood)
Jack Armstrong (Soo-LE)
Roy Auvinen (Ironwood)
Eugene Bilkey (Ishpeming)
Tony Brydon (Newberry)
Donald Doney (Ishpeming)
Stanley Dudo (L'Anse)
Roy Gustafson (Newberry-FB)
Chester Jeffrey (Hancock)
Ken Jennings (Negaunee-LG)
Ray Kangas (Hancock)
Don Knudson (Ishpeming)
Jim LeVeque (Munising)
Bob MacDonald (Newberry-RH)
William Mayo (L'Anse-QB)
Richard Nebel (Munising-LE)
August Ostrowski (Ontonagon)
Bob Parent (Marquette)
Tom Peters (Marquette-C)
Steve Petros (Marquette)
Clarence Rivers (Negaunee-LH)
Joel Schmidt (Bessemer-RG)
Jerry Wilkins (Newberry-LT)
Fred Wood (Newberry-RT)

South Coaches:
Vic Wojcihovski (Baltimore, MD)
Stan Zaleski (Baltimore, MD)
South Players:
Axel Anderson (Escanaba-RE)
Reynold Banks (Iron River)
William Beveridge (Gladstone-LT)
Robert Carlson (Manistique)
John Cederna (Stambaugh)
Clayton Choquette (Stambaugh-RT)
Phil Crispignia (Iron Mountain-QB)
James Devine (Norway-RG)
Melvin Holme (Stambaugh-FB)
Ronald Holmes (Stambaugh-LG)
Maurice Larsen (Stephenson)
Tom Nault (Escanaba-C)
Jerry Pangrazzi (Stambaugh)
Ernest Pardon (Norway)
Bob Payant (Kingsford)
Lyle Reiten (Kingsford)
James Schram (Gladstone-LE)
Don St. Arnaud (Iron Mountain)
Frank Svoboda (Menominee)
Eugene Taglienti (Iron Mountain-RH)
William Thomas (Kingsford-LH)
Francis Toti (Iron River)
Buddy Weber (Escanaba)

1950 Game Program

1950 Newspaper Articles:

South All-Star Grid Squad (7-14-50)

Zaleski Will Assist South (7-20-50)

Seven County Players on North Grid Squad (7-21-50)

Virginia Man Will Assist North Team (7-28-50)

UP Man to be Honored at Grid Game (8-3-50)

Gustafson Macdonald Doney Report to North Grid Squad (8-5-50)

44 Players Report at Negaunee (8-7-50)

Gene Short to Recevive Award at All-Star Game (8-8-50)

North Team Drills Final Time Under Arcs Tonight (8-11-50)

Annual North South Grid Game Tonight (8-12-50)

Jerry Pangrazzi Remembers His All-Star Experience (March 2008)

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U.P. Football All-Star Game

Yooper Bowl

U.P. Football All-Star Game Trophy

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