U.P. Football All-Star Game

History of the Game


Score: South-6, North-0

Director: Edward Stevens

North Coaches:
Harry Conley (Superior Central HS, WI)
John MacDonald (Park Falls HS, WI)
North Players:
Robert Anderson (L'Anse)
George Collins (Negaunee - G)
Ernest Colombe (Houghton - T/E)
Walter Erickson (Houghton - T/E)
Roy Goethe (Ishpeming - E)
Jack Gooseberry (Newberry - Back)
Jerry Herman (Ishpeming - G)
Phillip Hiney (Negaunee - C/T)
Chuck Lavendar (Newberry - Back)
Gordon Leman (Baraga - Back)
James MacKenzie (Sault Ste. Marie - E/T)
Ronald Michaelson (Ironwood - Back)
Ron Nettell (Houghton - Back)
Peter Noblet (Houghton - Back)
John Olson (Hancock - E)
Steve O'Neill (Sault Ste. Marie - G/T)
Joe Pavlovich (Ironwood - C)
Randolph Rivers (Negaunee - Back/T)
William Ryan (Marquette - C)
Robert Salami (Hancock - Back)
Clyde Strasster (G)
Francis Tervonen (Hurontown - E)
Howard Treado, Jr. (Marquette)
Homer Weber (E)

South Coaches:
F.L. Ferzacca (Green Bay West HS, WI)
Pat Malone (Green Bay West HS, WI)
South Players:
Ernest Belanger (Escanaba - Back)
Ronald Choquette (Stambaugh - T)
John Compton (Menominee - G)
Dave Dworsky (Iron Mountain - G)
Dick Erdman (Menominee - C)
James Frederickson (Stambaugh - E)
Dave Freeman (Iron Mountain - Back)
Clifford Gillis (Gladstone - E)
Paul Gingrass (Iron Mountain - Back)
Albert Godin (Menominee - T)
Donald Hill (Norway - C)
Earle Hosking (Iron Mountain - Back)
Eugene James (Iron River - T)
Robert Judson (Escanaba - T)
Frank Kopenski (Iron River - Back)
James Kuchan (Gladstone - T)
Dave LaGault (Gladstone - Back
Douglas Lalonde (Menominee - G)
Joe Oreshoski (Menominee - E)
Michael Shatusky (Menominee - Back)
William Trehy (Stephenson - G)
Bill Weber (Kingsford - E)
Bob Wesoloski (Menominee - Back)

1948 Newspaper Articles:

Harry Conley North Coach (7-13-48)

Park Falls Coach Will Aid Conley (7-19-48)

SRO Sign Dusted Off (8-3-48)

Milwaukee Girl To Twirl Baton At Negaunee (8-5-48)

U.P. Gridders Will Meet Bosses (8-5-48)

U.P. Grid Game Tickets Put On Sale (8-5-48)

Fifty Players Drilling Daily (8-9-48)

South Team Looks Best (8-10-48)

They Coach South Team (8-10-48)

Coaches Of North Squad (8-11-48)

All-Star Teams Completed (8-12-48)

Kickoff In All-Star Football Battle Set (8-13-48)

3000 Tickets for U.P. Classic Go On Sale (8-14-48)

South Team Wins (8-16-48)

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U.P. Football All-Star Game

Yooper Bowl

U.P. Football All-Star Game Trophy

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