U.P. Football All-Star Game

History of the Game


Score: North-21, South-7

Director: Oscar Wassberg

North Coaches:
Joe DeCook (Newberry)
Robert Villemure (Munising)
North Players:
? Alt (Calumet)
Richard Beattie (Munising-Guard)
? Berg (L'Anse)
Richard Chapman (Marquette-End)
? Chiapuzio (Bessemer)
? Cole (Soo)
Robert Doney (Ishpeming-Guard)
Jack Dougherty (Soo-Tackle)
Bruce Elmblad (L'Anse-End)
Ray Jacobson (Newberry-Back)
Bill James (Soo)
William Jennings (Negaunee-Back)
Edwin Koski (Negaunee-Tackle)
Don McClelland (Calumet-Center)
? Morley (Soo)
Walter Olson (Ironwood-End)
? Pantalone (Marquette)
Bernie Rivers (Negaunee-Guard)
Ken Roberts (Negaunee-Tackle)
David Romberg (Hancock-End)
Hubert Rogers (Soo-Guard)
George Sanregret (Houghton-Center)
William Splan (Soo-Back)
James Versailles (Marquette-Back)
Francis Walters (Newberry-Guard)

South Coaches:
Allen Ronberg (Norway)
Leo Brunelle (Stephenson)
South Players:
Gilbert Anderson (Norway-Guard)
Milton Bahrke (Stambaugh-Back)
Ellsworth Bengry (Stambaugh-Back)
Ronald Bergstrom (Kingsford-Guard)
Don Calcatera (Norway-Tackle)
Bob Eftendahl (Menominee-Guard)
David Engstrom (Gladstone-Back)
Jack Erspamer (Norway)
Jack Finn (Escanaba-End)
Fred Gorrell (Iron Mountain-Tackle)
Dennis Greenwood (Menominee-Tackle)
Alden Haglund (Gladstone-Back)
? Horvath (Stephenson)
Don Koskinen (Menominee-End)
Gene Melchiori (Stambaugh-Back)
Charles Radloff (Kingsford-Back)
Joseph Sablich (Stambaugh-End)
Wallie Schilawski (Stephenson-Tackle)
? Schils (Escanaba)
Frank Stropich (Escanaba St. Joseph-End)
Pete VanLaanen (Iron Mountain-End)
James Weber (Kingsford-End)
Pinky Weber (Manistique-Tackle)
? Weir (Escanaba)
Don Wickholm (Escanaba-Back)

1946 Newspaper Articles:

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Profits From All-Star Football Game Will Be Given To Charity (8-5-46)

Vance Hiney To Referee U.P. All-Star Football Contest (8-7-46)

All-Star Gridders Look Fit Training For Big Game (8-12-46)

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Attendance At U.P. All-Star Football Game Will Exceed Expectations; Teams Drill (8-15-46)

U.P. Gridiron All-Stars In Top Condition (8-16-46)

Provisions Made For 5000 Fans At U.P. All-Star Football Game (8-17-46)

7000 See North Beat South 21-7 In All-Star Football Battle; Bill Jennings Bright Star On Offense (8-19-46)

Sidelights On All-Star Game (8-19-46)

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U.P. Football All-Star Game

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